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Real Estate Sign Frames

Every commercial or residential real estate sign needs a frame.

Selling or renting a property has never been easier, thanks to the popularity of real estate marketing sign frames. It isn’t enough to simply print real estate signs at Image360 Charleston SC; we take pride in offering a range of frames and accessories, including custom riders, brochure boxes, brochure tubes, directional signs and more. This assortment of additional marketing material will elevate your advertising and branding strategy for would-be homebuyers, potential renters, and prospective speculators.

If you’re wondering what this terminology means however, you’re not alone. After all, there are so many different customization options – materials, sizes, colors, frame types – and Image360 offers them all. Let’s go over the basics of what to consider when purchasing sign frames, riders, boxes and tubes.

Ready to take the next step with real estate sign frames?

Contact us today and set up a consultation. We’ll discuss your needs and find the solution best-suited to your business. You can count on Image360 for measurement, design concepts and permitting (when required) as well as mounting or installation. Every location is a local source for custom graphics, signage and displays. Second-to-none in delivery time and quality signs, at Image360, we take real estate marketing seriously.

What is a real estate sign frame?

A real estate sign frame, constructed of metal (typically steel or iron), can contain a single sign or multiple signs. The industry-standard dimensions for a real estate yard sign is 24” x 18,” though frames may be manufactured for any size, so long as the real estate sign is not heavy enough to cause issues with buckling or toppling over.

Most iron frames are powder coated with a black finish to prevent oxidation and rusted joints. Other colors are possible if you feel extra flair wouldn’t hurt; however, we recommend staying with the usual sign post color, as you may want to emphasize the design of your real estate signs, rather than the frames themselves.

What is a sign rider?

Think about an insurance policy: often, the company representative will attach a rider to your plan to ensure you get extra coverage in the event of a specific event. Likewise, sign riders are a supplemental attachment to your real estate sign panel. They act as a secondary sign that can be used to inform or provide directional assistance on a property.

The industry standard size is 24” x 6,” and they are placed either above or below your real estate signs. Some sign frames will have a double side rider, which is essentially two riders, one on the top and one on the bottom of the primary sign. For those with a larger budget and an array of information to convey, we recommend double sign riders.

But how can I use a sign rider effectively?

Almost any kind of messaging can be placed on the sign rider of a frame. They can be swapped out at will, so if you place time-sensitive information on your sign posts, do not fear! In fact, riders that include limited-time sales and reduced prices may prove more successful in driving sales.

Here are some real-world examples of what you can place in sign riders:

  • Information on temporary sales
  • Open house hours
  • Financing options
  • Contact information
  • Website addresses
  • Highlights of key property benefits e.g. distinguished school district, waterfront property, etc.
  • Number of bedrooms & bathrooms
  • Agency taglines
  • Type of property e.g. condominiums, town houses, etc.
  • Directional and wayfinding signage
  • Status updates e.g. Just listed, sold, or sale pending
  • License number

There are three types of metal sign frames:

  1. Castle Real Estate Frames

Castle real estate frames can stretch up to 42” in height and are made of ¾” angle iron. These frames have the classic, rectangular design, and can be given two riders.

  1. Crown Real Estate Sign Frames

Crown sign frames are similar in design to castle frames, containing a bolt-in sign panel and optional riders. The principal difference between the two is that the riders on these are clip in, meaning no tools are necessary. This is perfect for real estate agents who run promotional campaigns for short durations of time.

  1. Esquire Sign Frames

Esquire signs frames, also known as Banjo-style sign frames, are among the cheapest frames on the market. ½” steel or iron rod is used in their construction. Defined by their odd shape (which consist of two small posts close together on the bottom that flare out near the top), they don’t usually contain riders.

What is the lifespan of a real estate sign fame?

Assuming the sign frame is properly maintained and stored, the powder coated metal should last from three to five years. Because the actual signs may have less longevity than the frame, depending on the frame material and finish, you may find yourself in a situation where it is economical to simply swap out the old signs with new signs. The process shouldn’t take more than a couple of minutes, and you’ll get more mileage out of your outdoor marketing efforts.

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